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"Made in Zhejiang" is the "regional brand, advanced standard, market certification, international recognition" as the core, with "standard + certification" as the means, set quality, technology, service, reputation as a whole, recognized by the market and society, representing the advanced nature of Zhejiang manufacturing industry regional brand image, is the "benchmark" and "leader" of Zhejiang manufacturing industry. It is the "pronoun" of high quality and high level.


French indoor environmental testing A+ certification

The French VOC label is a mandatory environmental label for indoor buildings to enter the French market. It is based on the technical regulations of the international standard ISO-16000 Indoor Air. It simulates the indoor environment where people live. It is tested by professional precision instruments for 28 days in the painted space. For air quality, products are rated according to the concentration of total volatile organic compounds in the air and the concentration of ten other common organic compounds that are harmful to the human body. The highest environmental protection level of the French VOC label is A+, and the following are A, B and C.

German Building Sustainability Evaluation DGNB System

DGNB-the abbreviation of the German Sustainable Building Council (German). It is the second-generation green building certification system in the world today. It was jointly developed by the German Sustainable Building Council and the German government. It includes six areas: ecological quality, economic quality, social cultural and functional quality, technical quality, process quality, and base quality. More than sixty standards. The system has been recognized by many international agencies including the United Nations Environment Programme.


German eco-certified product label

Eco-INSTITUT, Germany, is the most senior indoor environment research institution in Germany. The "eco eco-certified product" label sets stringent standards that exceed existing legal requirements. In order to obtain this certification, the product and its ingredients must be not only non-toxic and harmless, but also environmentally friendly. MIG-ESP Interior has been awarded the "eco certified product" label since 2016, which means that MIG products:

1. The discharge volume and the content of harmful substances are safe and reliable;

2. Consumers can use it in the construction and decoration of residences and offices without any restrictions;

3. It is the first choice of project planners and architects;

4. It is the first choice of health-conscious consumers.

China Environmental Labeling Product Certification (Ten Ring Mark)

The ten ring mark (Chinese environmental mark) is a kind of "certification mark" marked on the product or its packaging. It shows that the product is not only qualified in quality, but also meets specific environmental protection requirements. Compared with similar products, it has environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harmful, and resource-saving.


German Residential Medicine Recommendation Certification

Mig Interior and Exterior Wall Coatings obtained the "Recommended Certification for Residential Medicine" certificate in 2017, and MiG Exterior Wall Coatings is the only paint that has obtained this certificate. The certificate is issued by the German Authority for Residential Medicine, Building Hygiene and Indoor Poison Testing Association. Products that can obtain the "Recommended Certification for Residential Medicine" certificate include building materials, building interior wall materials such as paint, furniture, indoor chemicals, household appliances, air-conditioning equipment, etc. Strict testing must be performed on products during certification. Testing standards include all objective or objective technical standards or household physiological standards that affect all aspects of household hygiene and health. For example, residential building materials including building surfaces or ventilation systems have not detected harmful emissions. Building materials are particularly conducive to indoor environment and comfort. The percentage of indoor air pollution indicators is lower than the limit value and/or reference value stipulated by the law, and the indoor noise emission meets or falls below the limit value stipulated by the law. MiG paint has undergone strict audits, and all indicators have reached or even exceeded the above detection parameters, which meets the health needs of building users for houses.

EU Building Energy Optimization Plan BuildHeat

EU Building Energy Optimization Plan: In order to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and improve the comfort of the indoor environment, Europe has implemented the EU Building Energy Efficiency Optimization Plan since 2016. Relying on strength and innovation, Mige Materials has become one of the 18 best selected materials in Europe, and it is also the only selected wall material.


German energy efficiency quality certification

The German Energy Efficiency Quality Certification is a demonstration established by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to commend buildings and building materials that save more than 40% and reduce carbon emissions on a large scale.

American LEED certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a tool for evaluating green buildings. The purpose is: to effectively reduce the negative impact of the environment and residents in the design. The purpose is: to standardize a complete and accurate concept of green building, and to prevent over-greening of buildings. LEED was established by the U.S. Green Building Council and implemented in 2003. It has been listed as a statutory mandatory standard in some states and some countries in the United States. The "Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating Systen" (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Building Rating Systen) established and implemented by the U.S. Green Building Council, referred to as LEEDTM in the world, is currently used in various building environmental protection assessments, green building assessments, and sustainable building assessments in various countries around the world. Sexual evaluation standards are considered to be the most complete and influential evaluation standards.


National Green Building Selected Products

The standard certificate of green building product certifier is a certification mark registered by the National Building Materials Testing Center by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The certification mark contains green, ecological and environmentally friendly logos.

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